Candy Store - Downtown Location, Well Established

location CA
$ 36000000

Fast Food Restaurant - Dense Neighborhood

location CA
$ 17500000

Donut Shop Franchise - Easy Operation

location CA
$ 26000000

Medical Practice - Internal Services

location Texas
$ 19500000

For Sale: Shipping Printing And Mailbox Store - Rentals - Glendale, California

location California
$ 153000

For Sale: Dog Grooming Salon - Boarding And Daycare - San Anselmo, California

location California
$ 700000

For Sale: Legacy Burlingame Florist - Semi Absentee, 35+ Yrs - Burlingame, California

location California
$ 65000

For Sale: Deli Eatery - Solid Earnings, High Traffic - Encino, California

location California
$ 400000

For Sale: Retail Pharmacy - Well Established, Profitable - Riverside County, California

location California
$ 200000

For Sale: Laundromat - Clean, Well Maintained - Panorama City, California

location California
$ 160000

For Sale: Home Health Care Agency - Four Years Old - Los Angeles, California

location California
$ 99999

For Sale: ECommerce Company - Amazon FBA - , Florida

location Florida
$ 119115

For Sale: Breakfast Resturant - Busy Strip Mall Location - Southwest Las Vegas, Nevada

location Nevada
$ 999

For Sale: Breakfast Resturant - Busy Strip Mall Location - Southwest Las Vegas, Nevada

location Nevada
$ 225000
SBEN Video Network Daily Programming Schedule

SBEN’s Mission is Simple... Match & Serve

Our mission is to Match existing Small Businesses and The Self-Employed, find suitable buyers and takeover candidates, while Serving the wishes of over 50% of Americans that want the freedom to work for themselves and be their own boss!

Are you self-employed or a small business with a few full or part-time employees?

According to recent data, there are nearly 33 million small businesses in the US. And 80% of them, yes 80 percent, which amounts to nearly 27 million, are operated by the owner with NO employees!

This represents over 60 million of us or approximately 45% of the entire US workforce! Majority of these are owned by Baby Boomers, who were born between 1946 and 1964 and Generation Xs, born between 1965 and 1980.

The enormous challenge we face is that nearly 80% of these owners operated small businesses will NOT sell or transfer, leading to a tremendous loss of economic value transfer. Let me introduce you to SBEN or The Small Business Exchange Network!

Are you looking to sell or transfer your small business?

If so, please answer a couple of these questions and upload a quick video pitch of your business.


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It is estimated about 5 million small businesses, which hold over 10 trillion in assets and value will and should change hands in the coming decade.

Did you know, only 20-30% of small businesses that list for sale actually sell. This does not take into account the majority of small businesses that never consider selling, until there is catastrophic emergency for the owner/operator. We at SBEN, aim to make this easier and simpler by providing small business owners a broadcast platform to highlight their businesses 24-7 on a Network solely focused on small businesses selling and buying.



SBEN will be a 24-7 online, streaming broadcast network that will solely focus on highlighting and promoting small businesses that are seeking partners and or buyers to take over their existing operating businesses. SBEN will provide small businesses a self-serving, easy to use and more importantly a low-cost platform to promote and seek potential partners and buyers for their business. The current, business broker or a listing for sale on a handful websites really only works for a very small portion (20%) of all the available business that can be sold and or taken over.


SBEN aims to be the go-to Network for a small business exchange marketplace. Think of SBEN as the “QVC” or the Business Shopping Network! Recent data from the small business administration reveals that there are 33 million small businesses in the U.S. Contrast that to about 6000 publicly traded companies that garner all the business media attention. Small businesses make up 99.9% of all U.S. businesses. Approximately 80% of all small businesses list for sale will never sell. Furthermore, only 20% of small businesses have any employees, which means, that these businesses are difficult to sell, in the current business broker led sales model.


About SBEN

Welcome to SBEN, the Small Business Exchange Network dedicated to revolutionizing how small businesses are bought and sold in the United States. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to Match existing small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs with suitable buyers and takeover candidates, while Serving the aspirations of over 50% of Americans who desire the freedom to work for themselves and be their own boss.

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Have you ever thought about retiring or doing something else. or if you need help due to illness or family needs or for any other reason want to explore options to find the individual to take over and continue to operate your business.

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